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Hilco Vision

Hilco Vision is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of sports eyewear. Originally founded in 1956, the company has spent more than 6 decades honing their craft for a wide range of customers. Offices in 9 countries allows them to stay on top of global trends and customer needs.

Hilco’s core strategy is to focus on 5 specific categories of products: Professional Tools, Vision Protection, Consumer Accessories, Lenscare, and Eye Care. The collection includes swim goggles, sports goggles, and sunglasses, all of which can carry high prescriptions. The uniquely designed frames are used for water sports, winter sports, and children’s athletics, ensuring that great function with superior materials is in every piece.

Hilco’s children’s frames are available in a multitude of fun colors, and accessories like frame bags and backpacks help kids keep their eyewear safe and protected. Specialized frames for your youngest patients, called the “Little Ones” collection, ensures that children get the eyewear that is so critical to their early childhood development. Flexible, durable materials and soft colors are used in each frame for long-lasting wear.

Hilco’s line of sports and recreational eyewear is a fusion of intelligent construction, superior materials, and beautiful design. Who says function can’t be beautiful? To learn more and view the latest products, visit the Hilco Vision website.